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Local dog walking group in Horsham and local areas

We (well, most of us!), like to socialise with others, so how about helping our little mates to socialise as well? We've been organising these since August 2011 and we meet once a month to have a group dog walk in Horsham and local areas! The walks usually last about 2 hours and almost always involves a short stop off at a local dog friendly pub! Dog walking groups in Horsham

It's a great way for you to make new friends, while your little mate is making new friends as well, getting exercise in the fresh air, while you're finding out about new dog walks in Horsham and local areas.

For younger dogs, you might be wanting to take them to dog socialisation classes in Horsham or nearby areas, but try us first, it's all free, plus, we only have the smaller types of dogs, so not so intimidating to some dogs.  We have Border Terriers, Cavapoos, Cockerpoos, Cocker Spaniels, Beagles, small cross breeds, etc, etc and all having lots of fun running around with each other in the open fields and woodlands.

For this dog walking group in Horsham, your dog can be any age, but very importantly, to ensure a happy balance for everyone, this group is only for small/medium sized dogs under Labrador size in height, plus, you need to be genuinely sure that your dog is usually friendly to other people and other dogs, lastly, some dogs have issues with other dogs if they're on a lead, or if they see another dog on a lead, so please only register below if you will let your dog off the lead the whole time when the rest of the group have theirs off the lead.

Because of the guidelines above, we do have some great dog events, and without any issues, and if you've enjoyed a previous dog event with us and feel the urge to contribute financially somehow, please donate whatever you can to the Dogs Trust, they do some really great work and always need funds.

To receive a free email alert for the next Horsham group dog event, just complete the sections below:

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A few pics from some of our recent events:

Dog walking groups in Horsham
Dog walking groups in Horsham
Dog walking groups in Horsham

PLUS, some more pics and videos of what we've done recently:
Videos from the Horsham dog walking group

Rogues gallery of some of our little mates in the group:

Pepper and Ruby:
Dog walking groups in Horsham

Dog walking groups in Horsham

All of what we do, is done completely free of charge (and has been since August 2010), but if you would like to give something, please give what you can to the Dogs Trust:

Dogs Trust - from the Horsham dog walking group

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