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Good thinking - Good thoughts

Drains and Radiators - Productivity, Energy, Self-belief - they're all affected by the balance of drains and radiators in your Life.

Here's some common and sound advice you may already have heard - there's two kinds of people - drains and radiators. Get rid of the drains in your life and find more radiators.

But how do you recognise the drains - and what do you do if they are a part of your life? And - (horror!) what if there are times when you act as a drain yourself?

Radiators first - radiators are the people who put the life into the saying 'smile and the world smiles with you.' Radiators are infectious. They naturally make people feel good about themselves. They radiate their energy and enthusiasm like rays from the sun. They are inquisitive and playful but focused too. They have a cup half full mentality.

The drains are those people in your life who, one way or another, leave you feeling diminished after you've been with them. You know the feeling - you started off a conversation bright and positive and you came out of it dull, negative and frustrated, or maybe unexplainably cranky and irritable.

If you want to achieve below your potential, think badly of yourself and everyone else, and look for the cloud in every silver lining, the answer is easy, just surround yourself with drains.

The sad thing about drains is that:

Here are a few of the more common draining strategies:

The chances are that you do have drains in your life. Your first lines of defence are definitely recognition and awareness. If the drain is someone with whom you can easily minimise contact then recognition is probably all you need, then to stay away from them.

If you monitor your energy levels, your self-esteem and your negative emotions you'll soon figure out who the drains are. If you want more data, then monitor how you feel when you are planning to see them. Once you begin to look, it becomes very obvious - so obvious you'll wonder how you never spotted it before.

Awareness is useful when you have to be, or want to be in contact with the drain, for instance, someone you love deeply like a parent or sibling. Spotting their favoured strategies is vital. Once you understand them, you may wish to try some of the following approaches. You'll need to be patient and careful but over time you can make a real difference:

Finally, remember that you also have a responsibility not to drain others. Don't drain others or be drained yourself.

Do fill your life with all the positive thoughts and energy that come from being among the radiators. It's actually a very simple strategy for life - but an extremely powerful one!

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