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Cycling in Horsham, West Sussex

Cycling - Benefits of cycling... Why should I cycle?

Because it is . . . . Good For You . . . .

  • Regular cyclists enjoy a fitness level equal to that of a person ten years younger. (Source: National Forum for Coronary Heart Disease Foundation)Cycling in Horsham, West Sussex
  • Cycling at least twenty miles a week reduces the risk of heart disease to less than half that for non-cyclists who take no other exercise.
  • If one third of all short car journeys were made by bike, national heart disease rates would fall by between 5 and 10 percent.
  • During rush-hour, a bicycle is about twice as fast as a car - good if you hate traffic jams!

Because it is . . . . Good For Your Wallet . . . .

  • Bicycles require no road tax, no MOT, no insurance, no licensing, no breakdown recovery services, and above all, no fuel bills!!
  • A bicycle costs very little per year, in terms of maintenance costs, probably less than £30-40 - less if you do a bit yourself. How much does your car cost every year?Cycling in Horsham, West Sussex
  • A good bicycle will last you for years, if not decades. How long did your previous car last?
  • A bicycle can be parked just about anywhere, so no more expensive car park bills.

Because it is . . . . Good For Your World . . . . 

  • Ten bicycles can be parked in the same space taken up by one car.
  • To make a bicycle requires only a fraction of the materials and energy needed to make a car.
  • Bicycles produce absolutely no pollution - they are a lot quieter too.
  • Cars kill and maim thousands of people every year - bicycles don't.


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Pedal your way to good health - time to get on your bike. A study at the Academy for Sports Sciences in Cologne has shown that cycling is one of the best all-round forms of exercise, benefiting the joints, cardiovascular system and immune system and helping fight back pain. Better still, it's also a good, cheap form of transport. If a child cycles just one mile to school and back each day, they would burn off 12 pounds of fat a year and be healthier as well.

The next time you're going 'just down the road' to the bank, the post office, the newspaper shop, etc, etc, why not just get the bike out?  Cheaper, easier to park and better for your health!


Two of the big highlights in the cycling calendar:
Velo South
Prudential Ride London


Cycling to work almost halves the risk of developing cancer and heart disease, scientists have discovered, and, although walking to work is good for you, it does not provide the same health benefits as using a bike.

A study conducted at the University of Glasgow found those who cycle are 41 per cent less Cycling safety and cycling is good for your healthlikely to suffer premature death from any cause.

The test, carried out on 264,337 people, revealed cycling is linked to a 45 per cent lower risk of cancer and 46 per cent less chance of heart disease, compared with driving or taking public transport.

Dr Jason Gill, from the institute of cardiovascular and medical sciences at Glasgow, said the Government needs to look at ways to make it easier for people to commute by bike, such as creating "cycle lanes, city bike hire, subsidised cycle purchase schemes and increasing provision for cycles on public transport".

These would create "major opportunities for public health improvement," he added.

And Dr Mike Knapton, associate medical director at the British Heart Foundation, added: "It is paramount to make physical activity easier and more accessible. Local authorities and workplaces should support this by making using active transport as a means to get to work an easy option."


On a serious note - cycling safety in Horsham and nearby areas - some local councils could do a lot more to help ensure the safety of cyclists in Horsham and nearby areas.  This page is updated Cycling safety in West Sussex - Michael Dixon - killed while cyclingwith the latest news on cycling problems in Horsham, with the latest update on the 26th of January 2023.  The most recent tragedy to happen, was the untimely death of local resident Michael Dixon, photo on the right. Michael, a husband, father, brother and grandfather, tragically lost his life while cycling in Horsham in broad daylight at 11am on the 8th of December 2014.  If you hear of any other serious injuries or fatalities involving cycling accidents in Horsham, or nearby areas of West Sussex, please let us know via the email link below.

What can we do to help stop further tragedies like this?  Join groups like the www.hdcf.org.uk for cycling action and make our voices heard! 

Do you care about cycling in Horsham?  Go to the link: Cycle lanes in Horsham

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