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Horsham is an excellent town in West Sussex, perhaps even the best town in West Sussex and here is the place to ask any questions or answer any questions relating to Horsham, free of charge.  To ask a question or to answer any of the questions below, just click on the link below :
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Any good cycle shops in Horsham?
Q. "Anyone know of any good cycle shops in Horsham?  or, should I be asking about good bike shops in Horsham?  or good bicycle shops in Horsham?
Steve, Barns Green, Horsham."

A. "Try Halfords at Broadbridge Heath.  They've always sold good bikes, given my bikes a good service with fair prices as well.  Stay well away from Andy at AD Cycles in Brighton Road, in Horsham, or Joe at Freeborn, as they always try to talk to you as though they're the headmaster talking to their children!  Max at The Cycle shop in Horsham isn't too bad, but definitely stay well away from Andy at AD Cycles and Joe at Freeborn.
Martin, Carfax, Horsham."

A. "Would echo Martins words above, I've had okay experiences with AD Cycles before in the past, but that was when Keith and John were there, but since they've left, I've tried twice to get a good service with AD Cycles, as I thought that maybe it was just a fluke that they gave such a bad service the first time, I tried again, and lo and behold, they've been absolutely hopeless every time!  When Keith and John was there at AD Cycles they gave a brilliant, helpful, professional service, but now Keith and John have gone to Halfords in Broadbridge Heath, there's only hopeless Andy left!  As Martin says, stay well away from Andy at AD Cycles!"
Doug, Horsham."

Any good dentists in Horsham, for making good dentures?
Q. "I know it's something that we don't like to talk about, but it affects most of us at some time in life. From your own personal experience, where's a good place in Horsham or nearby areas to get good, realistic, reasonably priced dentures please?
Gill, Windsor Close, Southwater."

Any good mens hairdressers in Horsham?
Q. "Anyone know of any good mens hairdressers in Horsham?
John, North Heath Lane, Horsham."

A. "Try Lorenzos mens hairdressers in Crawley Road (in Roffey), just coming out of Horsham town centre from the Horsham train station. He does cut my hair good and have been going to him for years. For some unknown reason, Lorenzo does like to cut mens hair quite short!  So make sure you let Lorenzo clearly know the type of cut you want!
Luke, Bishopric, Horsham."

Any good places to buy mens socks in Horsham?
Q. "Don't fancy paying rip-off prices, so anyone know of any shops in Horsham selling reasonably priced socks please?  Would be great if there was a Primark in Horsham!
Sue, Mannings Heath, Horsham."

A. "Hi Sue, try Poundland in Horsham, great value socks at a £1 a pair.
Jenny, Cedar Drive, Southwater."

Any good restaurants in Horsham?
Q. "I have a special wedding anniversary coming up soon and wondered if anyone knew of any good restaurants in Horsham?
Kerry, Friday Street, Warnham."

A. "Hi Kerry, try ASK Italian, it's a fantastic Italian restaurant in Horsham, really great quality food, reasonable prices and good service.  You can find the ASK Italian restaurant in Horsham, at Unit 2, Olde Kings Head Hotel, Carfax/East Street, Horsham, RH12 1EE.  Tel: 01403 242002.   Opening Hours - Mon - Sat: 11:00 to 23:00 - Sun: 11:00 to 22:00 Hope this helps and hope you have a really great meal.
Steve, Crawley Road, Roffey."

Any one bedroom properties to rent in Horsham?
Q. "I'm looking for a one bedroom flat to rent in Horsham or nearby areas, has anyone got any recommendations please? Thanks in advance?
Rachael, Manchester."

I need my trees cut down. Can anyone recommend anyone to cut down trees?
Q. "I have 5 trees in my garden, they are either taking away all the sunlight from our garden and/or the trees have been damaged by the storms some time ago. Can anyone recommend someone to cut down the trees please?  Perhaps a tree surgeon in Horsham?
Andy, Hayes Lane, Slinfold, "

A. "Hi Andy, for cutting trees down, try the Horsham Handyman, on www.HorshamHandyman.com - they cut trees down and did a great job of removing 4 large trees and 2 small trees from my garden, they also cut some trees down for a neighbour on the same day.  For myself and the neighbour, the Horsham Handyman did a brilliant, professional job at a fair price as well. They even took away all the old trees and cleared away all the branches etc. Very pleased.  For anyone looking to get trees cut down, try www.HorshamHandyman.com
Steve, Church Road, Broadbridge Heath."

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